International MOJE SOLO Contest

The main element of the festival is the two-stage, International MOJE SOLO Competition. The competition in 2018 will take place in the following five age categories:

- up to 9 years NEW CATEGORY!
- from 10 to 12 years
- from 13 to 15 years
- from 16 to 18 years old
- OPEN category - from 19 to 25 years NEW CATEGORY!

NOTE - the age of candidates is treated YEARLY

1st stage - publication of films on You Tube, showing the performance of their own solos for two compulsory backgrounds (NOTE: each age category has different competition tracks!) NOTE: candidates in the OPEN category record one obligatory song and one own song (own composition or cover) max. 4 minutes long.

Stage 2 - performance before the jury during the final of the competition (1-3 May 2018) and re-performing own solos for two compulsory primers (may differ from those recorded in the film). Candidates in the OPEN category perform one obligatory song and one own track (own composition or cover) of max. 4 minutes long.


Rules and Regulations of the Contest 2018

The latest version of the competition regulations available for download.

Entry Form 2018

We invite you to download the application form for the "My Solo" competition.


ATTENTION: to download the files you need to right click on the link and then select the option "Save target element as...”

The Contest will be assessed byan international jury composed of:

Stuart Shields (Great Britain) - Chairman of the Jury
Qualifications: UK National Diploma in Popular Music Performance and Rockschool Grade 8 Electric Guitar. He is a co-author of two electric guitar courses, which are used all over the world, and he performs as a demonstrator of the best selling DVD series "The Complete Rock Guitarist”. Stuart Shields is an electric guitar virtuoso in such musical styles as: rock, pop and jazz. Stuart Shields is also an experienced stage musician. He currently plays in a British band oriented onto "Guns N Roses” style known as "Nightrain”. He is the owner of his own independent music school in Newcastle, England, and he runs classes that are addressed to learners ranging from beginners to very advanced pupils. Stuart Shields is a presenter of electric guitars and Yamaha THR guitar amplifiers; and he conducts demos of the aforementioned equipment in music shops all over the United Kingdom. In 2015, he received an offer of regular cooperation with the prestigious educational portal, that the most outstanding modern guitar players (including Guthrie Govan, Andy James, Dave Kilminster, Tom Quayle and many others) cooperate with.

Rowan J. Parker (Great Britain) - Jury Member
Qualifications: The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (Guitar Grade 8, Music Theory Grade 8), London College of Music (Guitar Grade 8). Experience: an electric guitar teacher since 1995. He holds the position of the Senior Guitar Instructor for Yamaha Music (the Branch of Yamaha Company in Great Britain), and he is responsible for the training of electric guitar teachers in European countries to the standards of courses offered by the Yamaha Music Schools in Great Britain. He also is an examiner in the Rockschool network. He is a co-author of electric guitar courses, such as "Guitar Encounters” and "Rockstar”, which are used all over the world. Rowan J. Parker is an electric guitar virtuoso in such musical styles as: metal, rock, pop and jazz. Apart from this, he is an experienced classical guitar player with a rich author’s repertoire. He maintains a very popular website visited by thousands of electric guitar fans from the entire world: You Tube profile:

Adam Fulara (Poland) - member of the jury:
lecturer of The Paul Gilbert Great Guitar Escape (USA, 2013) and Master Class on Bach Playing during the European Tap Seminar in 2004-2009 (Belgium), winner of the National Guitar Improvisation Competition in Kielce (2005) ), winner of the prestigious "Guitar City" - the Jazz Festival Jazz Festival (2005) and the National Jazz Festival in Sieradz (2004), The Undiscovered - guitarist April and May 2006 in the Guitar Nine Records (USA) label publishing the names of the most promising guitar talents. Author of articles published in the magazine Gitarzysta and TopGuitar, and two textbooks: English-language with a DVD titled "Two Handed Tapping - Guitar Workshop" (2009) and the book "Fundamentals of the theory of improvisation. I understand the language of music ", which will premiere in 2018. He specializes in polyphonic guitar improvisation. Together with his team, Full-X Adam Fulara performed in 2016 during the third edition of the Baltic Festival of Electric Guitar, arousing great appreciation of the audience and participants of the festival.


Thanks to the generosity of our main sponsor, Yamaha Music Europe GmbH Sp. z o.o. Branch in Poland, winners of 1 places in each age category will once again win one of these amazing guitars from the new Yamaha REVSTAR series:

Baltic Electric Guitar Festival

The festival is a cyclic event: it takes place every year from 1 to 3 May in the vast grounds of the picturesquely situated Rewita Holiday Centre in Mielno. The Festival will ultimately be of an international nature: it will involve all the countries situated in the Baltic Sea Basin (as its name suggests).


The Rewita Mielno Holiday Centre

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76-032 Mielno-Unieście

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